Monday, October 29, 2012

Guest Post - Cupcake VS Cake: The Pinterest Showdown

The past few weeks have been busy for me with mid-terms at school, deadlines at work and several small catering jobs.  Needless to say....I am behind in my posts!!

Lucky for all of us I have a guest blogger today, the lovely Rachel Hurley who writes for a UK lifestyles blog called Appliances Online @ Home.  Her blog is filled with posts about the, decorating, family, etc.  So many great articles to read!  I could see from reading some of Rachel's other guest posts that she shares my love/obsession with Pinterest!  I was delighted when she offered to write a guest post for me that combines so many of my favorite subjects into one post....cupcakes, cakes and Pinterest!!  

Without further ado.....Miss Rachel Hurley:

Cupcake VS Cake: The Pinterest Showdown

If you haven’t yet been acquainted with Pinterest, let me introduce you. This is a relatively new social media website that’s based around imagery – and a fantastic place for avid cooks. What Pinterest allows you to do is collect all your favourite recipes from around the web and store them neatly on “pin-boards”, which then become your online cookery books. 

There are some fantastic foodie photographers out there who offer a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. You simply can’t help but want to bake with their inspiration. 

Currently, Pinterest is helping me with a seemingly insignificant, yet troubling problem – cupcakes or a cake? Let the pin-boards decide. 


There are some seriously talented people out there when it comes to baking. Some of the cakes pinned on Pinterest are absolute works of art. Whatever the special occasion and however experienced you are, there is a cake you can bake – and you can find some real inspiration on Pinterest. Even novice bakers can give a Victoria sandwich a jolly good go. 

Here are several of my favourite cakes listed on Pinterest:

Leopard Print Baby Shower Cake

With leopard print sponge this cake will make any baby shower a memorable occasion. It’s fabulous in design but so beautiful you don’t want to dig in! I’m sure we could all get over that though.

Beach Time Cake

The winter weather is setting in, so re-live summer with this fantastic beach cake. Turn up the thermostat, put on your bikini and pretend the sun’s still shining – and invite all your friends round to indulge.


Cupcakes are the ideal pre-portioned food, so they’re great for buffets and parties where you don’t want to be leaving knives hanging around on tables. Plus, kids and adults alike love cupcakes, and they can be decorated in an array of different and innovative ways to set the tone for a delicate tea party, or a fun and frivolous children’s event. It’s now even quite popular to substitute a wedding cake with tiers of delicate and ornate cupcakes. 

Take a look at these beauties:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Perfect for kids’ parties and relatively simple to execute – even if you’re not the most skilled baker you could still give green iced cupcakes a good go.

Spooky Spiders

Ideal for Halloween, these spooky spider cakes are a cute addition to a themed party spread – or as a special treat for your little one’s lunch box. 

Who’s the winner?

There are a stunning range of cakes out there to help you celebrate any event – from a special birthday to a Tuesday afternoon. But in the cupcake versus cake debate I’m currently in the cake corner – I love the fact that there is a greater area to decorate, and digging in can like opening a Christmas present! What’s the filling under the frosting? You never know quite what’s inside. You might even find some leopard-print spots.  

Authors Biography 

This article was written by Rachel Hurley who writes for Appliances Online. When she isn’t trawling Pinterest for amazing baking creations she enjoys grabbing a glass of wine and relaxing on the couch. Follow her on Twitter @Rachel_Hurley23.


  1. I loved this my friend what a great debate idea :D
    I'm with you, cakes have more decoration means!

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. I am also love this idea and beautiful cup cakes decorations. Especially i love kids cup cake " spider Cup Cakes" that's looks really natural and so real.

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